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Please support The Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk with a donation.



The Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk is the only one of its kind in Australia dedicated to Vietnam Veterans.

The Walk has been created using symbolic elements of Vietnam and over 60,000 names of every serviceman & servicewoman who served in the conflict are listed.

Stage 1

Stage 1 was officially opened on 30th March 2011.  A full size replica of the Luscombe Bowl entertainment stage in Nui Dat has been built.  Within it are interpretive panels on the walls about the Vietnam conflict including Long Tan,Coral/Balmoral and other major battles with the enemy.There is also a history on the building of the original Luscombe Bowl. 

The memorial Cairn is dedicated to all those who served and gave their lives in that conflict.,

 Luscombe Bowl Vietnam  Luscombe Bowl Replica


Stage 2

 Stage 2 was officially opened on Saturday 9th March 2013.  Landscaping with Bluegums representing rubber trees, native grasses representing rice paddies, and the laying of the ochre earth paths take you on a journey back in time to a tumultuous part of Australian history.  There are real parts of history with a Centurion tank , a Huey helicopter, artillery pieces and an M1A1 APC.  There are also places to just sit and peacefully reflect.

106 DigiGlass panels are inscribed with over 60,000 names of every serviceman & servicewoman who served in the conflict.  The background is stunning photography of all the Services - their experiences, their battles, their good memories.

Panels with 60,000 Names



 After seven years we now have a Commemorative Walk that Belongs to every veteran of the Vietnam conflict and each can be proud of their part he or she played in that tumultuous part of Australia's history. It now stands in perpetuity for all their dependants to remember and reflect upon.

The Commemmorative Wall is the only one of it's kind in Australia dedicated to all Vietnam Veterans.

Stage 3

Stage 3 will see the installation of further artifacts and the building of the car/caravan parking and dump point on the Eastern end of the Walk.



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